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Who we are

Shangri La Tea Company provides America’s tea lovers with the highest quality tea-drinking experience via products distinguished by their vivid, unusual flavors, consistently high quality and unmatched value.

For more than 20 years, Shangri La has approached this mission with unflagging passion. We have built a vertically integrated production system that allows us to control every step of the tea-making process from plant selection and harvesting to processing to package design and distribution. Partnering with specialists throughout the globe, we work diligently to regularly introduce fresh new flavors to our line-up. Our in-house experts quality test every batch of tea we produce for flavor consistency. And as custodians of the planet, we do all this adhering to the world’s strictest manufacturing and environmental standards.

Our efforts have been rewarded with multiple awards from the North American Tea Championship every year since 2008.

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Fun Facts

• The time between when our tea leaves are picked and when you brew your cup is one of the shortest in the industry. Our teas taste fresher because they are fresher.

• Our Las Vegas, Nevada facility is both the support center for our Food Service Distributors and an R&D and QC/QA lab for our tea products.

• Shangri La provides fine tea products to the U.S. food service and retail industries.

• Shangri La teas are offered in 50% of the resorts on the Las Vegas strip.

• Shangri La’s tea gardens are members of the Rainforest Alliance. They have met rigorous environmental and social standards in the areas of biodiversity conservation, worker protection, healthcare and education for children of farm workers.


At Shangri La, our love of nature and respect for the Earth is integral to our company. That’s why we grow and harvest our teas in accordance with the strictest internationally recognized environmental standards. We are also committed to fair labor practices that promote dignity and human rights in all the countries where we operate.

Our teas are certified by:

• The Rainforest Alliance™

• The USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP)

• Fairtrade

• The Jewish Community Council of Montreal

Our manufacturing processes adhere to the following national and international standards:

• Australia’s Safe Quality Foods program (SQF)

• Global Food Safety Initiative (SGSI)

• The USDA’s Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program

• The USDA’s Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) guidelines

• California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidelines