Black tea is one of the most commonly consumed types of tea. In fact, it is estimated by some sources that black tea or blended teas using black tea make up over 90 percent of the teas sold in the western region of the world. Many regularly choose to drink black iced tea with their meals or as a snack without even realizing what type of tea they are selecting. While this type of strong tea is often consumed without additives or flavorings, it should be noted that it is also the basis for many other varieties of tea on the market today.


While many do prefer to drink basic black iced tea, there are a variety of other flavors that may be consumed as iced or warm beverages. For example, English breakfast tea, Earl Grey tea, Irish breakfast tea and Masal chai tea all use black tea as a basis. Furthermore, it is common to combine black iced tea with a variety of citrus fruits and sugar or honey. This provides tea drinkers with the ability to create sweetened or unsweetened tea as well as lemon, orange or other tea flavors at home.


Because of how common black tea is, almost every tea manufacturer or supplier sells this type of tea. However, the quality of the tea varies significantly from one source to the other. The most robust flavor of tea will always come from loose, fresh leaves, and Shangri La sells loose black tea leaves that can be brewed at home and flavored or sweetened as desired. Loose leaves are also available in other black tea based flavors, such as Earl Grey. While loose leaves may be the preferred option for premier quality, many tea drinkers enjoy the benefit of using bags for easier tea preparation. It should be noted that silken pyramid bags generally will provide a premium quality over paper bags. This is because the shape and material of silken bags provides an enhanced flavor, and loose, fresh leaves may be used in these bags as well.


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