It isn’t easy being green, at least when it comes to tea.

Despite its myriad health benefits, the brew still isn’t as popular as its black variety cousin nor, of course, coffee. But slowly, people are wisening up to the fact that it can fight cancer and heart disease and lower bad cholesterol, and are starting to develop a palate for its delightful grassy flavor. If you’re still new to this variety of Camellia sinensis, you will love the examples featured on this list, which contains many fruit-flavored “beginner’s” green teas that balance the beverage’s characteristic vegetal taste with other nuances, from coconut to mint. In that sense, this collection of top green teas isn’t for purists who prefer their green tea unadulterated. But even longtime aficionados might find cool new offerings, including one that is made from Eleuthero (a cousin of ginseng) but which looks and tastes just like the best of its true green tea mates. Here’s to going green.

Shangri La Organic Tropical Orange Green Tea Price: $10 for a box of 15 silken pyramid bags

Shangri La’s Organic Tropical Orange Green Tea has become our favorite pick-me-up. It tickles the nose with tantalizing orange aromas. On the palate, you get less orange, which is too bad, but instead you are treated to coconut and well-rounded tropical fruit flavors, which are just as awesome. Don’t steep it too long, as it will turn bitter, killing the delicate flavors. All of Shangri La’s tea gardens are Rainforest Alliance members, with strict standards for worker and environmental protection.