Millions of people choose to drink tea on a regular basis as a healthy alternative to soda, coffee and other drinks. While many people will choose to drink black tea, which is most commonly considered to be unflavored or regular tea, others are choosing to spice things up with flavored iced tea. Whether you are trying out flavored teas for the first time or are trying to find a different flavor that you may like, you may be wondering what some of the most popular flavors of tea are.

Fruit Flavors

Many people love fruit flavored iced tea. Iced tea can be combined with natural fruit flavors or fruit-flavored syrups to create a naturally sweeter and more interesting flavor. In some cases, people will add their own fruit juices or slices to black tea to flavor the tea on their own. However, with flavored mixes and tea bags also available, there are many ways to enjoy the taste of fruit in your tea. Some of the most popular flavors for fruit-flavored teas include lemon, peach, orange spice, mango and others. These may be left unsweetened, or sugar or honey may be added to the drink.

Herbal Teas

While fruit flavored iced tea may be the most popular type of flavored tea drink consumed, herbal teas may provide you with another option. Some of these popular options include green tea, chamomile tea, holy roses tea and others. These teas may be prepared as hot teas or as cold teas. Keep in mind that they may also be combined with some fruit flavors to add an extra zest of flavor.

Premier Selection of Quality Teas

After you have tried out a few different types of flavored iced teas, the next step is to find a great place to purchase them. Local grocery stores are limited on rich flavored, high quality iced tea. Even the top brands at the grocery store do not offer the same richness that fresh, quality tea leaves provide. The tea leaves may be overly processed and ground down, and through this, they may have unfortunately lost some flavor and health benefits. Shangri La iced teas, found online at, is well-known for providing customers with fine, high-quality tea products. There are a variety of tea flavors as well as product options like tea espresso pods, tea bags and silken pyramid sachets that you can choose from. When you want your flavored tea to taste incredible, you want to place your order with Shangri La.