Many people love the refreshing taste of iced tea mixes on a regular basis. Fine tea connoisseurs may be aware that the most flavorful tea is brewed from fresh tea leaves. Fresh tea leaves can be purchased in a variety of flavors from Shangri La. Tea aficionados across the country rely on Shangri La for delicious varieties. However, brewing loose tea leaves can be time consuming, although always worth the wait. When you want to enjoy the brisk, refreshing flavor of tea without the time commitment associated with brewing tea, iced tea mix products from Shangri La are the ideal solution.


Iced tea mixes are designed to be combined with water, stirred together and served over ice. There is no brewing or steeping required, so these mixes are indeed one of the most convenient methods available to enjoy tea. For individuals who want to mix together a glass of tea to take with them to work in a to-go cup or to serve to their unexpected house guests, this is a tasty and highly convenient option. However, finding a resource to use for the finest mixes can be a challenge.


Some people truly want to enjoy the convenience of iced tea mix products without concern for the flavor, but those who enjoy the robust flavor of fine teas may not be willing to sacrifice quality for convenience. The fact is that when mixes from Shangri La are selected, iced tea lovers can enjoy the best combination of quality and convenience. Grocery stores in most locations often sell a variety of iced tea mix products. Some of these may be unflavored and unsweetened, but there are also usually fruit-flavored teas, sweetened teas and other options available for those with an expanded range of preferences. However, many of these mixes found at local grocery stores lack the robust flavor of freshly brewed iced tea, and this may leave some fine tea aficionados unhappy.


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