Changing temperatures create a little chaos in our little world. You hear friends and family talking about colds, flu and allergies. Some are ready for it while others talk a lot about the things they do to ward off that evil! As for me, I like to make sure that everything around me is calm and peaceful. If a friend is complaining, without hesitation, I recommend a tea that would calm him or her.

I love the fact that there is always some tea available for the different illness. Mint teas and tea with Citrus flavor is works great for me to ward off colds, congestion and any type of breathing problems. Soothing your throat and your nasal passage is what those teas do to you. I am not a fan of honey, but I have seen that adding a bit of honey does make a huge difference.

Mint is great for just another thing. Yes, for the problems related to ingestion. For me the mint, flavor can invigorate in an instant. After a delicious meal, the whole fun is gone when you start experiencing some discomfort when your mouth starts tasting a bit sour. It could be the acidity change or rather the pH level. I am not a scientist to say how all that happens. But learning from my mother, I know that if I have a mint tea, I can prolong the good feeling of the delicious meal I had.

Among my friends, some of us are employed and a few are stay at home wives and mothers. The ones who are employed need instant boosts of energy and that is understandable. But how about the others? Well, they would do anything to get a double dose of that boost! It is easy to understand. Taking care of kids and family, pets and garden can be a full day’s work. So you want to know what I recommend for them. Masala Chai it is!

The spices in the Masala Chai have some sort of energy boosters. Those earthy colored, beautiful shapes of spices have so much hidden energy in them, I think. When I have a cup of that Chai, the way the spices blend in with the tea, it is not easy for me to describe exactly what spice does what. I benefited from reading about how tea helps our immune system and want to share that:

Another Tea flavor I recommend to my friends and especially the older ones, is the Chamomile Mint flavor. The goodness of Mint with the soothing and calming nature of Chamomile is a must have in my tea collection It is a great way to wrap up a busy and eventful day with a good night’s sleep. Chamomile and mint works amazingly for me!

So I always have my secret tea collection for all occasions. It looks like I have given away my secret of why I am loved by all!



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