• organic-sweet-orange-spice-tea
    Contents: Each box contains 20 tea bags. Description: We begin with an exceptionally sweet black tea: organic, aromatic and full flavored. Adding organic spices and the essence of orange makes this tea into the classic Orange Spice tea, surpassing the expectations of our most discriminating Orange Spice customers. Naturally sweet and fulfilling, delicious and loaded with antioxidant value, a true Shangri La classic. Ingredients: Finest quality black teas from small gardens, spices, natural orange oils and natural flavoring.
  • black-currant
    Contents: Each box contains 20 tea bags. Description: This fine decaffeinated organic tea is grown in our own highland gardens. The essence of ripe black currants enhances the aroma and adds a fruity note to the cup. This tea offers the natural sweetness and freshness found only in a true Shangri La. Ingredients: Organic Decaffeinated Black Tea, Natural Black Currant Flavors.
  • Breakfast-1
    Contents: Each box contains 20 tea bags. Description:  Straight from our own organic gardens, this exceptionally rich and aromatic black tea attains the height of what you’d expect in a fine breakfast tea. Fresh and full bodied, the tea flavor shines through fully even when milk and sugar are added. Our expert tea masters supervise every step in the production of the premium estate tea. Ingredients: Organic Black Tea.
  • Chai-1
    Contents: Each box contains 20 tea bags. Description: A tantalizing blend of our finest full bodied Rainforest Alliance and organic teas grown in our own organically certified gardens, and fine organic spices and spice oils. Our chai recipe is guarded with care and represents years of family tradition. We pride ourselves in this enticing and rich blend, perfectly suited to the addition of milk and sugar. Ingredients: Finest quality organic Rainforest Alliance black estate teas from our own gardens expertly blended with spices and spice oils.
  • Chamomile
    Contents: Each box contains 20 tea bags. Description: Caffeine free and naturally sweet, this blend of several fine chamomile flowers lingers sweetens the palette and calms the day. The honey like notes of the chamomile are enhanced by a touch of sweet licorice root.  This tea take you a step out of tradition and into the world of delicious fantasy. Ingredients: Finest quality organic chamomile.
  • Decaf-Lemon-Meyer
    Contents: Each box contains 20 tea bags. Description: This premium decaf black tea from our own gardens is blended with the essence of deliciously famous Meyer lemons. Discover the perfect citrus balance that brings refreshing zing into your cup. Feel refreshed. Ingredients: Organic Decaffeinated Black Tea, Organic Lemon Peel, Natural Lemon Flavor.
  • Earl-Grey
    Contents: Each box contains 20 tea bags. Description: Sweet oil of the bergamot fruit scent and flavor this fine organic Rainforest Alliance Ceylon tea which heralds directly from our own organically certified gardens. We grow this tea high in the mountains, in our own paradise on earth, expressly for the purpose of scenting it with fine bergamot oils. The resulting quality is evident in every fragrant cup. Ingredients: Finest quality organic black estate teas from our own select gardens, scented with pure natural oil of bergamot.
  • Green-1
    Contents: Each box contains 20 tea bags. Description: This delicious and sweet organic green tea is beautifully reflected in every fresh, naturally sweet and vegetal sip. Green tea of this quality is rare, our affiliate gardens take the utmost care to produce this organic treasure for us, you’ll find their lofty goals apparent in every cup. The aroma alone makes this tea a treasure. Healthful and delicious. Ingredients: Finest quality organic green small garden tea
  • Jasmine-Green
    Contents: Each box contains 20 tea bags. Description: Our affiliate garden grows their own organically cultivated night blooming jasmine flowers used to scent this super fine organic green tea. Fragrant and enchanting with a sparkling mouthfeel and delicate floral flavor. this fine jasmine green tea provides an exceptional and healthful way to add pleasure to any day. Ingredients: Finest quality organic green teas from small gardens, scented with exotic night blooming jasmine flowers.
  • Pure-Mint
    Contents: Each box contains 20 tea bags. Description: The finest grades of organic peppermint are specially plucked and dried to produce this simple and elegant tisane. A classic in evert manner, delicious straight and wonderful with a touch of honey or a dab of cream. Ingredients: Organic Peppermint.