Tea has been a beverage of choice in cultures around the globe for centuries. Its origin as a beverage dates back to ancient Chinese civilization, and it has been consumed for medicinal and health purposes as well as simply for the pure enjoyment of drinking it. However, how tea is prepared and consumed varies considerably from culture to culture. The culture of drinking iced teas is most pronounced in the Western region of the world, but even in an area like North America, iced tea consumption can vary from region to region.


In the northern region of the United States, unsweetened tea is far more prevalent. Those who prefer sweet tea at restaurants must flavor it themselves with packets of sweetener or honey. Warm tea is often more common in this region due to the colder climate. It should be noted that the cultural aspect of entertaining with tea is not as prevalent in this region.


Drinking iced teas has become almost a pastime in the Deep South. Iced tea is often consumed with meals, and it also is a beverage of choice when entertaining. The culture of drinking iced in the South often involves the stereotype of sitting on a big front porch with friends and family and drinking sweet iced tea. Sweetened tea is far more common in the South, and many restaurants in this area serve sweetened tea as the norm. Unsweetened tea must specifically be requested at most restaurants in the South.


Iced tea is also consumed regularly in the western region of the United States. Both hot and iced tea may be consumed, and it often is consumed for the health benefits associated with it rather than for social purposes. For example, flavored iced teas may be a preferred option over sugar-laden sodas or overly caffeinated coffee beverages.


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