It is Tuesday already. My thoughts are still lingering about the weekend afternoon tea I had with my friends. 5 days in the corporate world, I needed something different. I checked the weather reports for the weekend. I was not impressed and wanted to spend my weekend at home. Also, I needed a little bit of fun added to the weekend.

Having a fun time with my best friends sounded so good. So I checked with a couple of my friends. 3 of them were happy to join in. 2 others had prior engagements with their families. That’s okay, we can catch up with them another time I thought. So we decided to meet on Sunday afternoon for tea.

Since our last meet up, we had a lot of things to catch up on. The good and bad things that went on with our families, neighbors, friends, co-workers. But before all that, we need our afternoon tea to be extra special. There is a special custom we have been following during the many years of our friendship. Whatever that comes new in our favorite shops and other goodies we have discovered, we bring it along to the afternoon tea.

I bought from my bakers something special. It was the Mississippi Mud Cake! I was pretty sure that the girls would love the chocolaty, heavenly cake. When we set up the table it was like a feast. Cupcakes, mini sandwiches, croissants and some fruits. If we did not have the fruits and the healthy sandwiches, we would all feel guilty. Did I forget to mention something here? It’s the beverage.

We are all tea lovers. Each one has their favorite tea. I decided to bring my ceramic tea cups to serve the tea. These cups are very special to me because they are hand-made and they are made of a natural element from our very earth. When tea is served in them and when you clutch the cup in your palms, there is a blissful, warm feeling. It makes you feel comfortable and what’s more, you are with your BFFs.

So the afternoon is filled with fun, laughter and delicious food amidst great company. Everyone shares their stories, their stresses and of course their fortunate things. The tea cups get filled a couple of times. We feel much relaxed and rested. Time is up for us to say good byes. But now we feel differently after pouring out many cups of tea and pouring our hearts out.

Awesome weekend!

Contributed by InTeague – A fan of Tea Cultures from around the world. Appreciate everything to do with tea. Feel that Tea can communicate like a language and express some deep emotions. Letting the world know that there is so much love and beauty surrounding Tea.